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About HuaAi

Shanghai Huaai Chromatography Analysis Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a member of the National Gas Standardization Technical Committee, National Gas Standardization Test Research and Verification - Chromatography Platform, a member of the Gas Sub-committee of the National Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Standardization Technical Committee, the director of China Industrial Gas Association, and the vice chair of the Gas Analysis Technology and Instrumentation Professional Committee of China Industrial Gas Association. The company is specialized in the research and development, and production of special chromatographs in the fields of industrial gas and power systems, and is a domestic manufacturer of special chromatographs.


Helium ion detector for discharge decomposition products of SF6 equipment

Gc-9760b helium ion detector for discharge decomposition products of sulfur hexafluoride equipment can analyze 17 decomposition products such as H2, O2, N2, CH4, CF4, Co, CO2, C2F6, C3F8, SO2F2, SOF2, SO2, H2S, cos, CS2, NF3 and N2O in sulfur hexafluoride gas

Detection range and detection limit Technical performance Temperature control index Size, weight, power supply
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portable gas chromatograph

Gc-9760 portable gas chromatograph is a newly launched portable gas chromatograph suitable for on-site rapid analysis by Shanghai Huaai Chromatographic Analysis Technology Co., Ltd. the instrument adopts advanced small modular design concept, with small volume and light weight, which is easy to carry to the site for analysis and provide timely and accurate data.

Multiple injection modes are optional Main technical features Temperature control index Size, weight, power supply
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Helium ionization gas chromatograph

Gc-9560-pdd helium ionization gas chromatographic analysis system is applicable to the detection of trace impurities in high-purity hydrogen, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, neon, krypton, xenon, carbon dioxide and other gases. The instrument is equipped with a highly sensitive helium ionization (PDHID) detector, adopts central cutting and back purging technology, and is equipped with an injection switching valve with purge protection gas path and an imported helium purifier, The detection of H2, O2 (AR), N2, CH4, Co, CO2 and other common impurities or C1-C4 and other hydrocarbons in the above high-purity gas can be completed at one time by means of non dead volume sampling or online injection. The detection limit is ppb and the repeatability RSD is ≤ 1%.

Carrier gas purifier Helium ionization detector (PDD) Workstation performance system configuration
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产品的应用领域applications of the product

Hydrogen analysis Gas analysis The power system Petroleum chemical industry Evaluation of the catalytic The environmental monitoring Food testing General chromatography
Separation surgery  Infinite sensitivity

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